Gothenburg, Sweden

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©2018 by LILIHAN

Providing personal carpet

Our carpets can be customized by our customers with their favorite design, color, and size and will be created by the traditional Persian method in Iran. Every carpet is a unique work of art and designed and created exclusively with the greatest attention possible. 


Taking responsibility

Lillihan is emerged to connect the carpet artisans who are women and responsible for their family, to socially responsible people in other parts of the world.

It is important to us that each purchase helps provide employment to these women and their extended family, as well as higher life qualities and better education for their children.

They live difficult lives in small villages in Iran and have no specific education and job opportunities. In their traditional family, the women are forbidden by the men to have a job and the situation is more difficult for single mothers or divorced. They are vulnerable and not allowed to have their own opinion while they are dependent on a monthly payment. Sometimes they are forced to marry again without any love due to their needs for their children’ expenses. They are afraid of being alone and they are forced to obey and accept others’ opinion. Our wish is to create jobs for these kinds of women to do at home meanwhile taking care of their children and earning a good salary while creating a valuable carpet. 

Economic freedom empowers these women to decide and to freely undertake the activities to improve their lives. They can reduce the overall power and influence of others in their lives. With ordering a carpet, you are going to not only have a beautiful carpet with an amazing story at your home but also you are going to leave a positive impact on these woman's life.


Online story and a uniquely created carpet with a certificate

Lilihan is inspired by making a heartwarming connection between our customers and the artisans. And we will do that by presenting the environment and the production process with some videos, pictures, and information about the carpet’s weaver to each customer. Each carpet comes along with a certificate which connects the buyer and the artisan forever. Through our products, individuals and entrepreneurs can express something about themselves. Through our carpeting, our customers can not only take part in sustainability but also can show their support for social responsibility


About Me

I at Lilihan, Founded in 2018 by me Leila Emami, Was born and lived in Iran before moving to Sweden.

The thought of making a difference in women's lives, especially women who are so professional in their handicraft but live such difficult lives has always been as a strong driving force to me.

When I immerse myself in the beauty of their handcraft, I always wished they could have the opportunity to share their art with other people in the world and thereby be able to support themselves and their families.

My passion is to help these women to increase freedom and independence which one day was my biggest dream in the life when I didn’t have the permission for having a job by my husband in my country. 

My vision is to not only bring beautiful carpets to your home but also bring the heartwarming life story of these women, their dreams, wishes, happiness, and sadness that can be felt within each knot.