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We produce exclusive, hand-made, sustainable, environmentally and custom-made carpets under the right conditions
for people and the planet. Our carpets create well-paid jobs for women in small villages in Iran.
These carpets are appropriate for the carpet buyers who care about child-labor, unfair-product, chemical-
dying and low –quality products. Lilihan's carpets are for people who want to enjoy the carpets but not at the expense of bad
working condition for people.

Taking responsibility

Providing personal carpet

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Carpets Benefits


Our rugs are eco-friendly and are producing from sustainable fibers. We use the locally produced wool as materials, and the vegetables from nature of Iran are used for dying them.

High quality & investment

Due to natural-dying and the method of weaving, the carpets are long-lasting and get more value with passing the time. The knots become tighter when walking on them and the colors will be shiner or fade in some parts which make the carpets so special and antique.

Causing no allergy

Natural carpets produce no allergy. They keep the room warm (air pocket characteristic between the carpet fibers store heat). They also have the ability to control the moisture (The wool fibers absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and then release it when the atmosphere is dry).

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